My Exotic Tokyo Trip on Vacation

One fine day my boss approached me and said that he has a surprise for me. He said that he was impressed with my work and that he always promotes hardworking people like me. I was flattered. He said that to appreciate my hard work, he is giving me a gift. And that is a trip to Tokyo. I couldn’t believe. My boss who gives me tons of work decided to send me to Tokyo for vacation. That didn’t sound right. But then again, I was really happy because it is great news for me. First and foremost, I get to stay away from this dreadful office for at least a few days. Secondly, Tokyo seemed to be a pretty interesting place to visit. I’m always fascinated by their culture and the way they see life. Truly delightful.

The next day itself my visa and flight ticket arrived. I was so excited. In just three weeks I’ll be traveling to Tokyo all the way from New York. I went home, packed my bags and got ready for my flight. I have to say. I was so excited. I have never been to Japan before, and this seems like an adventure that I’ll not forget in my lifetime. I boarded my flight, and I was on my way to Tokyo. When I reached Tokyo and came out of the airport after a long flight, I was really tired. I immediately caught a taxi and checked into my hotel. But between this I have to say, I just met one of the friendliest taxi drivers of all time. That guy was so nice to me! Even if he didn’t know English, his gestures and facial expressions were giving me a very positive vibe about him.

When I checked into the hotel, the hotel was also very polite. I started to fall in love with the people here in Japan. I have never seen such well well-mannered people in my life. Now coming back to point, after I checked into my hotel, I started planning for my vacation. I had a lot of things in mind. I called my friend Tom who works here in Tokyo. I called him, and he was very happy to hear my voice.

He offered me to have lunch with him. He is a nice and friendly person. I agreed to it, and hence we both went to have lunch. Out of all the dishes I had in my life, sushi has got to be one of the best. This cuisine was something that I never really got a chance to try in New York. Tom finally left me. He said that he had to go home and spend time with his family. After he went home, I had an unexpected and a really bad surprise.

I forgot my wallet, my passport and my phone in the room itself! Am I so dumb? I started wondering! In between all the chaos of calling my friend and then going with him to have lunch, I probably forgot to take my personal belongings. I didn’t have any money. And I’m sure that since I didn’t know Japanese, nobody would probably give me a lift back to my hotel. So I decided to walk. It was not that far away. After walking for like half an hour, I reached an interesting place. It was a museum of art. In this situation, I was skeptical if I should visit the museum or get back to the office to grab my personal belongings. But then I realized that my flight is after a few days, and after I take my personal belongings, I will not have time to explore Tokyo as I will have today.

Hence I decided to visit this museum. This museum was one of the biggest art museums in all of Asia. This place truly flabbergasted me. I was awestruck to see all the artwork in the museum. While I was walking through the museum, I spotted a little girl crying. I went near her. Looking at her at her face I could realize the fact that she was not Japanese. I felt really bad for that girl. I told her to come with me. She was ready. I took that girl to the nearby police station. There her parents were waiting for her! I was really proud of myself. Her dad approached me and said that they were a family based in Vancouver, Canada. They came here as tourists and somehow lost their child. I was so delighted to see that little princess back with her family. Then I told them my problem.

I told them my whole incident, and they wholeheartedly were ready to take me back to my hotel. But on the way back, they suggested me to visit the local amusement park. I agreed with them as it was only five in the evening and I had plenty of time to get to my room. I have to say! I had a blast in that park. I got a chance to get into some of the most thrilling adventure roller coasters with that family. And of course, Clara, that little girl with whom became best friends with joined me everywhere.

The family paid for all the rides, and I was so grateful to them for giving me this extraordinary experience here in Tokyo. After a great time I had in the park, they left me in front of the hotel where I had left all my personal belongings early in the morning.

We exchanged phone number and II also promised Clara that we’d stay in touch. After that, I ran back to the place where I left my personal belongings. As expected, it was still there. People here in Japan are really honest, and I was sure that nobody would take my things. After that, I was all free and happy. I had a few more days to enjoy in Tokyo. The next few days, I visited the exotic Tokyo sky tree. The view was just magnificent. Then I went to see the cherry blossom as it was the sakura season. Then I visited the temple called as senso-ji. After the extraordinary vacation I had in Tokyo, I went back to my hotel room to pack my bag and hence catch my flight back to New York. I was really sad to leave this place so early. I have never seen a place that’s so alive and energetic.

When I reached the airport, I had another surprise. The family was also there at the airport. Clara came running to me. Their family also greeted me. That’s when I realized that we would be sharing the same flight to Brussels, Belgium. This short, sweet but memorable trip to Tokyo was one that I’ll never forget. Not only did I make some really good friends here, but also I enjoyed the awe and imagination of this great city. People here are extremely well mannered and friendly. That’s something the world should look up to.

Me and Clara’s family both traveled together to Brussels. From there I had to leave them as they were going to Vancouver and I will be traveling to New York. This trip of mine has been one that I truly enjoyed. It was my pleasure to visit this beautiful city. I’m looking forward to coming again to this great nation as it has a lot to offer.

Also, not to say but when I came back to the office, my boss had another surprise for me. He had promoted me. I was so happy. He said that the sole reason for him to send me to this trip to Tokyo was to get my papers ready for my promotion. I also got a transfer. And I was transferred to Tokyo. So Tokyo! Here I am coming back to you!

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