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Trump hasn't congratulated Putin

cnn - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:54
President Donald Trump has yet to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election, and a phone call between the two leaders has yet to be set up, the White House said Monday.
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Trump to hire lawyer who pushed a theory that DOJ framed him

cnn - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:51
President Donald Trump will hire an attorney to join his personal legal team who has alleged the President is being framed by a group of FBI and Justice Department officials, two sources familiar with the matter told CNN.
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What are opioids and what are the risks?

bbc - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:50
Donald Trump has announced plans to tackle the opioid crisis. What are they and why are they a problem?
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Watch lawyer push conspiracy theory in interview

cnn - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:48
President Donald Trump has hired Joseph diGenova, who has alleged the President is being framed by a group of FBI and Justice Department officials, to join his personal legal team. CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports.
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Serena Williams: Miami Open tournament director says seeding rules should change

bbc - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:43
Seeding rules are a "kind of punishment" for players after maternity leave and "should be changed", says the Miami Open tournament director.
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Trump blasts Russia probe as 'WITCH HUNT'

cnn - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:33
President Donald Trump on Monday continued his Twitter attack on special counsel Robert Mueller, calling the ongoing investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election a "witch hunt."
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Anthony Watson: Bath & England back out for season with Achilles injury

bbc - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:30
England and Bath back Anthony Watson will miss the remainder of the season with an Achilles injury.
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Sex doll 'brothel': Paris council to decide on future of Xdolls games centre

bbc - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:26
Clients at the business in Paris are charged €89 to spend an hour with a silicon sex doll.
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Paul Pogba: Manchester United midfielder 'can't be happy', says France coach Didier Deschamps

bbc - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:22
France coach Didier Deschamps says Paul Pogba "can't be happy" finding himself out of favour at Manchester United.
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Russia election: Putin ready for 'constructive' dialogue

bbc - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:10
Mixed messages from German and French leaders reflect the controversy over recent Russian actions.
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Anna Campbell father: 'I knew she might be killed'

bbc - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 03:05
The father of Anna Campbell, 26, who died fighting with a Kurdish armed unit in Syria, says he is "in pieces".
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Pyeongchang Paralympics - best pictures

bbc - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 02:43
Some striking images from the Winter Paralympics, featuring intense emotions.
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Self-driving Uber car kills pedestrian

cnn - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 02:40
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The drug addict who became a judge

bbc - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 02:08
A pioneering court in Buffalo, New York, is trying to keep drug addicts alive. It's presided by a judge who knows well the perils of abuse.
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School shooting victims to be honored with sculpture

cnn - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 01:57
On the night of the Parkland shooting, Zachary Knudson couldn't sleep. So he turned to what he does best -- designing.
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Expect more trouble from Putin after the election

cnn - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 01:44
Modeled on the President's Daily Briefing, which the director of national intelligence prepares for the President almost daily, I am providing a glimpse of the kind of intelligence assessments that are likely to come across the desk of the President of the United States this week.
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Trump has a unique opportunity to help Yemen

cnn - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 01:43
The Middle East today is poised between multiple wars fueling extremism and a burgeoning younger generation looking for a new start.
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Australians flee to beach to escape fire

cnn - Tue, 03/20/2018 - 01:39
A massive bushfire has engulfed a small town in southeastern Australia, destroying more than 100 buildings and forcing hundreds of residents to flee to beaches or evacuate to nearby towns, authorities said.
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