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Hero's home: Strip club turned garbage barge

cnn - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 02:53
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Adichie on top 100 influential list

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 02:50
Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is among seven Africans listed by Time magazine as the world's 100 most influential people.
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New York approves slavery monument

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 02:25
The New York City Council has approved a marker recognising the contributions of slaves to the city's founding and economy
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The last white male rhino has armed guards protecting him

cnn - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 02:23
The last male northern white rhino in the world is being protected around the clock by armed guards in Kenya.
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Pope Francis to visit Latin America

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 02:16
Pope Francis announces his first visit to Bolivia, Paraguay and Ecuador in July, with leaders from host countries welcoming the news.
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VIDEO: Snowboarder's 1800 degree jump

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 02:12
Snowboarder Billy Morgan becomes the first person to land an 1800 degree spinning jump, on the slopes in northern Italy.
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IS steps up assault on Iraq's Ramadi

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 02:03
Islamic State steps up its assault on the western Iraqi city of Ramadi, launching a series of suicide attacks against government positions.
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Please Mr Putin, help me get a dog

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 01:55
All of the Russian president's skills as a negotiator were called upon in his 13th annual telethon when he was asked to convince Boris to let his wife have a dog.
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Body at farm is missing student Karen Buckley

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 01:54
A body found at a farm north of Glasgow is missing Cork student Karen Buckley, Police Scotland confirm.
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SA march against xenophobic attacks

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 01:51
Thousands of South Africans hold a march against attacks on migrants accused of taking local jobs, as President Zuma calls the violence "shocking".
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US Navy develops 'swarming' drones

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 01:31
The US Navy is developing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, that can be launched from a cannon and "swarm" in a co-ordinated attack.
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Peer will not face sex abuse charges

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 01:20
Labour peer Lord Janner will not face child sex abuse charges because the severity of his dementia makes him unfit to stand trial, prosecutors say.
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Inside the battle to save Africa's elephants

cnn - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 01:15
"Conservation is war," they say, and nowhere is that clearer than in Zakouma National Park.
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How octopuses coordinate their arms

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 01:08
Researchers reveal the secret of an octopus's unique movement, revealing how the animals co-ordinate their eight, flexible arms.
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Radioactive material theft in Mexico

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 00:39
Five states in Mexico are on the alert after thieves steal potentially dangerous radioactive material, officials say.
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Eugene's 2021 Worlds award 'unfair'

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 00:39
The decision to hand Eugene the 2021 World Athletics Championships is "unfair", says the Swedish Athletics Association.
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VIDEO: Schoolchildren flee China quake

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 00:10
Earthquakes, including one measuring as magnitude 5.8, strike northern China, reportedly killing one person and damaging hundreds of houses.
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VIDEO: Somalia target 2019 Nations Cup

bbc - Fri, 04/17/2015 - 00:03
Somalia's FA president Adbi Qani hopes his country can compete in the 2019 Nations Cup and end an absence that stretches back to 1974.
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