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Harry and Meghan release official wedding photos

cnn - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 23:55
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released several official photographs taken on their wedding day by renowned fashion and portrait photographer Alexi Lubomirski.
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Pope Francis tells gay man: 'God made you like that'

cnn - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 23:54
A victim of clerical sexual abuse has said that Pope Francis told him that God made him gay and that his sexuality "does not matter."
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World's 20 most popular museums

cnn - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 23:50
The Louvre is back.
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Moon enters talks with Trump with diplomatic driver’s seat at stake

japantimes - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 23:17
For a few months, everything seemed to be clicking for South Korean President Moon Jae-in as he pieced together crucial nuclear negotiations between the U.S. ...
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Champions League final: Liverpool can overcome Real Madrid's experience - Klopp

bbc - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 23:16
Jurgen Klopp believes his Liverpool side's "desire, attitude and work-rate" can help them beat "experienced" 12-time European champions Real Madrid.
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FamilyMart to let Airbnb users in Japan pick up keys at convenience stores

japantimes - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 23:05
Major convenience store FamilyMart Co. said Monday it will allow tourists staying in short-term accommodations rented through Airbnb Inc. to receive and return door keys ...
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Abe knew about Kake veterinary project two years earlier than stated: new Ehime document

japantimes - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 23:04
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe apparently knew about Kake Gakuen’s veterinary project two years earlier than he says he did, a new document from the Ehime ...
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German broadcaster referred to Meghan Markle as 'exotic'

cnn - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 22:47
The wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry was nothing like the ones the British royal family had put on before.
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German police stop 'truant' families at airport

bbc - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 22:42
Trying to avoid peak holiday time could mean fines for some Bavarian parents.
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Could North Korean defectors affect Trump summit?

bbc - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 22:40
The defection of two North Koreans comes shortly before historic talks with the US. Could it have an impact?
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Japan facing toughest security environment since World War II: Onodera

japantimes - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 22:31
Amid the nuclear and missile threat posed by North Korea, Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said Monday that Japan is facing its toughest security environment since ...
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Iran mushroom poisoning: More than 800 sick from deadly fungi

bbc - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 22:21
At least 11 die and 800 fall ill after eating the deadly fungi in the west of the country.
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This object isn't supposed to be in our solar system

cnn - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 22:05
For billions of years, it lived in our solar system without us even knowing it was there. But this object couldn't remain hidden around Jupiter forever. It was just peculiar enough to be noticed by researchers.
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Baby elephant springs birth surprise

bbc - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:58
A baby elephant surprised zoo keepers after being born to a mum whose pregnancy they thought had failed.
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Josh Peppers and Michael Parker reaping rewards after years of hard work in Japanese hoop scene

japantimes - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:46
John Neumann gave the green light to bring American forwards Josh Peppers and Michael Parker to Japan. He had a good reason: He needed good ...
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'Shaun Edwards perfect choice for England' says Matt Dawson

bbc - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:44
Shaun Edwards is the perfect choice to replace Paul Gustard as England defence coach, says Matt Dawson.
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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend introduce their son

cnn - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:39
The world has finally gotten a glimpse of a new Legend.
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Paul Gustard: Harlequins name England defence coach as new head of rugby

bbc - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:36
Premiership side Harlequins name England defence coach Paul Gustard as their new head of rugby.
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She can't vote, but she wants every other young Latino who can at the polls

cnn - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:27
Marisol Chavez wants young Latino voters to make a difference in a way she can't.
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Clapper: Trump's demand a 'disturbing assault'

cnn - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:20
Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says President Trump's call for the Justice Department to find out if the FBI spied on his campaign is "not good for the country."
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