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15 men exonerated in one day

cnn - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 02:37
The drug convictions of 15 men in Chicago have been thrown out after they claimed they were framed years earlier by a police sergeant, who went to prison for a related crime, and his team of officers.
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Trump dredges up his own past with Franken remark

cnn - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 02:36
As a swirl of sexual impropriety allegations roil Washington, President Donald Trump's top aides are trying to inoculate him from comparisons with the stories of more than a dozen women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.
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Kushner denies any campaign WikiLeaks contact

cnn - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 02:36
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Autumn international: England 30-6 Australia

bbc - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 01:59
England make it five wins on the bounce over a resurgent Australia as a late trio of exhilarating tries see them clinch a controversial victory.
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Zimbabwe: 'Freedom has finally come to Zimbabwe'

bbc - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 01:52
There is widespread jubilation in the capital Harare, as people take to the streets calling on President Mugabe to stand down.
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Autumn international: Wales 13-6 Georgia

bbc - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 01:32
Wales edge a tight encounter with Georgia at the Principality Stadium thanks to wing Hallam Amos' first-half try.
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Sri Lanka violence: 19 held amid Buddhist-Muslim street clashes

bbc - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 00:43
Riot police and troops are deployed in southern Galle province, with 19 people arrested.
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Tapper goes through Trump accusers one-by-one

cnn - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 00:38
President Trump went after Sen. Franken (D-MN) on Twitter for sexual harassment accusations, despite numerous women who have accused President Trump of sexual harassment.
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Opinion: Do we love our guns more than we love our children?

cnn - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 00:22
When I was 12, in the sixth grade in El Cerrito, California, one of my classmates brought a gun to school. She was a bright fellow student -- flamboyant, funny, sometimes moody -- occasionally in trouble, fun to play kickball with. I still remember her throaty laugh. I also remember the awful day while we stood on the play yard, as she pulled a gun out of her backpack and pointed it at a group of sixth-grade girls, threatening to shoot.
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Samurai Japan southpaw Shota Imanaga baffles Taiwan batters in dazzling 12-strikeout performance

japantimes - Sun, 11/19/2017 - 00:03
The way Shota Imanaga was pitching with a one-run lead took almost all the mystery out of Samurai Japan’s game against Taiwan. Well, all of ...
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USS Benfold slightly damaged in collision with tug off Japan as naval mishaps continue

japantimes - Sat, 11/18/2017 - 23:22
The USS Benfold sustained slight damage when a Japanese tug drifted into the guided-missile destroyer during a towing exercise off central Japan on Saturday, the ...
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Evessa overpower NeoPhoenix, end five-game slide

japantimes - Sat, 11/18/2017 - 23:11
The Osaka Evessa dominated on both sides of the ball in Saturday’s series opener against the San-en NeoPhoenix, ending a five-game losing streakThe Evessa pounded ...
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Going electric: Celebrating Japan’s powerful e-bikes

japantimes - Sat, 11/18/2017 - 23:04
With electric bikes accounting for nearly 6 in 10 bicycles manufactured nationwide last year, the future looks especially bright.
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Donald Trump’s visit dominates Japan’s conversation online — until he leaves

japantimes - Sat, 11/18/2017 - 23:02
Japanese netizens spent the days following U.S. President Donald Trump’s first visit to Japan trying to figure out who came out of the trip looking ...
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Saad Hariri, Lebanon PM, to return to Beirut 'in coming days'

bbc - Sat, 11/18/2017 - 23:01
Saad Hariri vows to go back home by Wednesday and will then clarify his shock decision to resign.
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Takashi Tamami: A never-ending search for the unpredictable

japantimes - Sat, 11/18/2017 - 23:00
Anthropologist Takeshi Tamami has always had something of an itch for Africa.
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Ishihiro Honda: The master behind Godzilla

japantimes - Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:58
Everyone knows “Godzilla,” the 1954 film that introduced Japan’s most famous monster to the world. But the name of its director, Ishiro Honda, was for ...
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Bitter or sweet, the much-loved persimmon is a healthy and versatile fruit

japantimes - Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:56
Persimmons come in three types, but amagaki is of most use in the kitchen.
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Locale: Californian farm-to-table in deepest Meguro

japantimes - Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:54
At Locale, the menu depends on the ingredients freshly delivered by a network of organic farmers around Japan.
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