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Trump is a stable genius, says ex-wife Ivana

cnn - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 01:22
US President Donald Trump may occasionally say "silly" things but he's "definitely not racist," his first wife Ivana Trump said Monday.
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Ben Stokes: England cricketer charged with affray after Bristol nightclub incident

bbc - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 01:20
England cricketer Ben Stokes and two other men are charged with affray following an incident outside a Bristol nightclub in September.
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The many careers Oprah helped launch

cnn - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 01:10
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Analysis: Why focusing on 'shithole' totally misses the point

cnn - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 01:09
The last three days have been consumed by this debate: Did President Donald Trump refer to several foreign countries as "shitholes" or not?
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Ryan Giggs: New Wales manager aims to win over doubters

bbc - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 00:39
New Wales manager Ryan Giggs will convince fans sceptical of his appointment by "winning games".
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Opinion: Heed MLK's call with a pro-democracy movement

cnn - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 00:38
From pulpits and podiums across the country, Americans will be reminded on Monday of the relevance of Dr. Martin Luther King's message in 2018. Some time ago, during my tenure as president and CEO of the NAACP, I was painfully reminded of the timeliness of Dr. King in a setting he might not have dreamed of, during a conversation he might have not imagined.
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Say the words as plainly as Trump does

cnn - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 00:35
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We're days away from a shutdown, and there are more questions than answers

cnn - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 00:32
President Donald Trump -- with the quiet, but strong support of congressional Republican leaders -- has rejected the lone bipartisan proposal on the table to address the expiring Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
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Norwegian: No thank you, President Trump

cnn - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 00:32
Donald Trump wants America to have more immigrants from Norway in contrast to what he reportedly called "shithole countries" in Africa.
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Spain to replace US as second most popular tourism spot

bbc - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 00:15
The UN says Spain is set to replace the US as the world's second most popular tourism destination.
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UK construction giant Carillion collapses

bbc - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 00:12
The government will take on public services after the UK's second biggest construction firm fails.
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The first family's first year

cnn - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 00:03
It's been a jam-packed year of news since President Donald Trump moved into the White House, but it's also been a transformative -- if tumultuous -- year for each member of the first family.
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Honda Accord wins Car of the Year

cnn - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 23:33
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Tiffany Haddish nabs Groupon gig after viral story

cnn - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 23:32
Going viral has landed actress Tiffany Haddish a new gig.
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Car crashes into building in California

bbc - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 23:27
The car mounted a central reservation and crashed into the Santa Ana dental office.
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The proven health benefits of honey

cnn - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 23:26
Move over, prehistoric bears. Humans have loved honey since the Stone Age.
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France's 'Black Widow of the Riviera' tried over poisonings

bbc - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 23:16
Patricia Dagorn is accused of seducing and poisoning four elderly men - two of whom died as a result.
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Pro-Putin social media campaign hijacked by critics

bbc - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 23:08
Russian social media users are using the hashtag #RussiaNeedsPutin to debate the President's record.
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Syria war: Turkey denounces US 'terror army' plan for border

bbc - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 23:06
Turkey president vows to "suffocate" efforts to train Kurdish fighters and create a new border force.
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Stiglitz sees risks in U.S. politics as spending deadline nears

japantimes - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 22:52
A U.S. government shutdown could spook investors and is the biggest threat to the stock market rally, according to Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.Politicians are ...
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