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US frisbee team captures frozen lake crossing

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 07:50
Unusual mobile phone footage shows the frisbee skittering across the ice in the US.
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Trump hints New York Jets owner Woody Johnson will be US envoy to UK

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 07:44
The scion of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical giant has known the president-elect for years.
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Senegal 2-0 Zimbabwe

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 06:24
Liverpool's Sadio Mane scores as Senegal beat Zimbabwe to become the first team to reach the Africa Cup of Nations quarter-finals.
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Putin spokesman denies US election hack

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 05:55
President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman denies any Russian government involvement in hacking to influence the 2017 US election result.
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Martin McGuinness: Ex-deputy first minister will not stand in NI election

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 05:20
Former NI deputy first minister says ill health is a factor in his decision.
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'I'm so excited'

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 05:03
People in the US describe their feelings about going to Donald Trump's inauguration in Washington DC
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Belgium sentences fake-ID gang used by Brussels and Paris attackers

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 04:28
They were convicted of forging identity documents used by suspects in the Paris and Brussels attacks.
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Jan Vertonghen: Tottenham defender expected to be out for six weeks

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 04:25
Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen is expected to be out for six weeks with an ankle ligament injury.
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Trump prods reluctant Melania to speak

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 04:19
Donald Trump persuaded wife Melania to address a group of supporters at a lunch in Washington.
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Rigopiano hotel avalanche: Italian rescuers find no sign of life

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 03:24
Fears grow for some 30 people buried under snow and debris at a hotel, with three deaths confirmed.
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No Kanye at 'typically American' ceremony

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 02:53
Kanye West won't appear at Donald Trump's "traditionally American" inauguration, the organiser says.
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May: Inequality fuels politics of division

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 02:29
The prime minister says mainstream politicians must tackle a backlash against globalisation.
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Chelsea Manning thanks Obama for prison release

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 02:22
Chelsea Manning says thanks "for giving me a chance" after the president commutes sentence for leaking.
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India v England: Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni seal series in Cuttack

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 02:08
Brilliant centuries from Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni give India a series-clinching 15-run win over England in a thrilling second ODI.
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Tesla avoids recall after Autopilot crash death

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 02:04
Tesla will not be ordered to recall its semi-autonomous cars in the US, following a fatal crash in May 2016.
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Lambada singer Loalwa Braz found dead in Brazil

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 01:46
The body of Loalwa Braz, singer of 1980s hit Lambada, has been found in a burnt-out car in Brazil.
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Finding home

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 01:31
The man whose Google Earth hunt inspired a Hollywood film says his life has changed once more.
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Tehran fire: Twenty firemen killed as high-rise collapses

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 01:27
The firefighters were battling a blaze in a 17-storey building in Tehran when it fell to the ground.
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Italy avalanche aerials show stranded rescuers

Fri, 01/20/2017 - 00:33
Aerial footage reveals the wall of snow blocking rescuers from reaching a hotel engulfed by an avalanche in central Italy.
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Viewpoint: Obama got balance right with Manning

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 23:26
Former US Assistant Secretary of State PJ Crowley says Barack Obama was right to cut Chelsea Manning's sentence.
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