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Updated: 4 hours 29 min ago

Top-selling NBA jerseys revealed

4 hours 29 min ago
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The truth about dairy sensitivity

4 hours 29 min ago
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Ex-commanders face negligent homicide charges in Navy ship collisions

4 hours 32 min ago
The US Navy announced Tuesday that the former commanding officers of the USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain -- the ships involved in two deadly 2017 collisions that killed 17 sailors -- will face criminal charges including dereliction of duty, hazarding a vessel and negligent homicide.
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Analysis: Trump isn't losing it. But what about his temperament?

4 hours 35 min ago
NEWSFLASH: Donald Trump is perfectly mentally capable of being president and is suffering from no cognitive impairment or decline.
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President, like most Americans, should lose some weight. 10-15 pounds this year, doctor says.

4 hours 54 min ago
President Donald Trump's doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson, characterized the president's health as "excellent," but like the majority of Americans, Trump is overweight and he doesn't get enough exercise.
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WH directed Bannon to avoid answering panel's questions in Russia probe, Schiff says

4 hours 59 min ago
President Donald Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon faced angry lawmakers from both parties during a contentious interview that stretched more than 10 hours on Tuesday, as he was hit with subpoenas on multiple fronts and was accused by a top Democrat of agreeing to a White House "gag order."
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80 million under winter storm advisories from Texas to Maine

5 hours 3 min ago
Snow, ice and bitter cold are hitting Southern states unaccustomed to such frosty conditions.
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13 siblings held captive -- how did no one else know?

5 hours 5 min ago
A nondescript, burnt orange house in Southern California -- similar to many others on the same street -- turned out to be a prison for 13 siblings.
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Children of torture suspects are freed

5 hours 23 min ago
David and Louise Turpin projected an image of a picture-perfect family on social media.
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A window inside Trump's morning 'executive time'

5 hours 27 min ago
President Donald Trump rises around 5:30 a.m. and begins making his first calls to aides and lawmakers as early as 6. He's dressed in his signature dark suit by 8 a.m. at the latest, White House sources told CNN, and although he doesn't drink coffee, his proclivity for Diet Coke is widely known.
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Aziz Ansari is either guilty of assault or being just a really bad date

6 hours 9 min ago
Is Aziz Ansari guilty of assault or of being just a really bad date?
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Here is some of the praise doctor lavished on Trump

6 hours 12 min ago
Dr. Ronny Jackson, the presidential physician, gushed about President Donald Trump's health during a briefing before the White House press corps on Tuesday, touting the President's "good genes," how he did "exceedingly well" on his cognitive test and his "excellent" cardiac health.
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Trump's physician offers glowing praise

6 hours 20 min ago
A sampling of the many kind things that Dr. Ronny Jackson, presidential physician, had to say about President Trump's health.
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