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Updated: 7 hours 8 min ago

Man contracted Ebola in Liberia but no longer has it

7 hours 50 min ago
Freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo no longer has the Ebola virus in his bloodstream and will be allowed to leave Nebraska Medical Center, the hospital said Tuesday.
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American released from N. Korea

7 hours 55 min ago
Jeffrey Fowle was arrested earlier this year for leaving a Bible at his hotel. A U.S. government plane picked him up today before flying to Guam, the official said.
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Actress, boyfriend face charges

7 hours 56 min ago
"Django Unchained" actress Daniele Watts and her boyfriend have been charged with one count each of lewd conduct, a spokesman said Tuesday.
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Charges soon in Indiana killings

8 hours ago
Police in Gary, Indiana, will file charges in "the next couple of days" against Vann in the deaths of three women, Gary Police Chief Larry McKinley said Tuesday. They are three of seven total victims.
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WashPost's Ben Bradlee dies

8 hours 13 min ago
Ben Bradlee, the former top editor of The Washington Post who oversaw the paper's award-winning coverage of the Watergate scandal, has died, the newspaper said Tuesday. He was 93.
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Florida debate opens without fan fight

8 hours 37 min ago
The third and final debate between Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist got off to a breezy start--this time with no fan on stage for Crist and no protest from Scott.
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See their photos

8 hours 40 min ago
Photos: CNN anchors trace their roots
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Gov. blasts opponent over wealth

8 hours 44 min ago
During the Florida Governor's debate, a discussion on minimum wage and increasing jobs led to a few testy exchanges.
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Man to Obama: 'Don't touch my' girl

9 hours 37 min ago
Politicians are known for kissing babies, but a Chicago man's dig at the President shows this world leader can deliver on another level.
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Study: 3 with Ebola will fly monthly

9 hours 38 min ago
Up to three Ebola-infected travelers might board an international flight each month in West Africa, according to a new study, and potentially spread the deadly virus to other countries.
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The Ebola epidemic

9 hours 39 min ago
Freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo no longer has the Ebola virus in his bloodstream and will be allowed to leave Nebraska Medical Center, the hospital said Tuesday.
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Who's who in the Ebola outbreak?

9 hours 42 min ago
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What the famous said in first tweets

9 hours 56 min ago
If your first tweet sets the tone for what you're all about, what are we supposed to make of #HereWeGo, Monica Lewinky's first social media salutation?
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Bristol Palin describes family brawl

9 hours 59 min ago
Police have released audio tapes of Bristol Palin detailing what happened during a brawl involving her family.
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Watch car drive itself at 150 mph

10 hours 2 min ago
Audi raced its self-piloted car around a track with no one inside.
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Protests are new normal in Ferguson

10 hours 9 min ago
Sometimes it's hundreds, sometimes just a handful. But demonstrators are always outside the Ferguson Police Department since an officer shot to death Michael Brown.
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Palins describe brawl in recordings

10 hours 18 min ago
Bristol Palin describes being dragged through the grass and called a series of obscenities during a massive brawl last month in recordings of Anchorage police interviews that CNN obtained through a public records request.
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AP: Ex-Nazis got cash from gov't

10 hours 21 min ago
The Associated Press reports that former Nazis expelled from the U.S. were paid millions in Social Security benefits.
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Report: Drug war in Afghanistan failing

10 hours 55 min ago
America's drug war in Afghanistan is failing badly, a U.S. government watchdog says in a new report.
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Ex-official: We lost track of terrorists

11 hours 13 min ago
Ripping the cover off top-secret U.S. surveillance programs pushed foreign terrorists underground and out of intelligence services' reach, a former top intelligence official said Tuesday.
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