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Updated: 5 hours 53 min ago

Grand jury reaches a decision

5 hours 57 min ago
An announcement is expected later today from the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, that was weighing evidence in the Michael Brown shooting, officials said.
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CNN host and protester clash

5 hours 58 min ago
CNN's Michael Smerconish spoke with Bassem Masri about the escalating protests in Ferguson, Missouri.
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Darren Wilson recently married

6 hours 12 min ago
Officer Darren Wilson recently married another member of the Ferguson Police Department, a source close to Wilson said.
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See laser shoot drone from sky

6 hours 27 min ago
The U.S. Navy is deploying a secret weapon to the Persian Gulf: A laser cannon that can bring down drones and ships.
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McCain: Graham, run for president

6 hours 31 min ago
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is getting encouragement from a close colleague and friend, Sen. John McCain, to run for president.
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Cops: Boy's air gun 'indistinguishable'

6 hours 31 min ago
Cleveland authorities have surveillance video showing the shooting by police of a 12-year-old boy who was brandishing an air gun, a department spokesman said.
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Priests, teacher arrested in abuse case

6 hours 32 min ago
It might all have remained a dark secret, if a young man who was an alleged victim of sexual abuse hadn't written a letter to the Vatican. And then gotten a surprise phone call from Pope Francis, according to a Spanish digital newspaper.
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Another lost son, call for justice

6 hours 40 min ago
The day after Michael Brown was killed by a police officer, Syreeta Myers drove from her South City home to the northwest suburb of Ferguson. She marched on the street demanding justice for Brown's death. She wanted to stand by his parents.
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Hagel resigns as defense chief

7 hours 31 min ago
President Obama announces that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will step down once his successor is confirmed by the Senate. "This decision does not come easily to him," Obama said.
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Bottle shatters Tower Bridge walkway

7 hours 33 min ago
A scary view of London just got slightly scarier.
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New deadlines set for Iran talks

7 hours 45 min ago
The clock is ticking down for a nuclear deal with Iran, and so far it looks like no agreement will be reached in time.
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A shocking find in a storm drain

7 hours 57 min ago
The bicyclists were on a morning ride Sunday when they heard a shocking sound coming from somewhere below them: a baby crying.
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Kids with cancer fighting back

8 hours 1 min ago
After witnessing the pain and fear that children with cancer endure, Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg founded a program that provides free martial arts classes so kids can learn to control their pain and feel powerful.
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U.S. poll: Most think ISIS serious threat

8 hours 16 min ago
Most Americans now believe ISIS poses at least a somewhat serious threat to the United States and Americans are growing slightly more hawkish on the U.S. strategy to combat the militant group, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Monday.
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Oops! This may have caused home collapse

8 hours 47 min ago
A nearby excavation project may have caused a wall of a house to collapse. CNN affiliate KDVR has the story.
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See rocket launch into space

8 hours 47 min ago
Three new crew members are headed on a six-month voyage aboard the International Space Station.
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'Mobile mortuary' offers unique funerals

8 hours 53 min ago
A man in Houston has started a funeral business on wheels. CNN affiliate KHOU reports.
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Would you serve this for Thanksgiving?

9 hours 4 min ago
Options for meat substitutes have come a long way since Seth Tibbott's first few Thanksgivings as vegetarian in the 1970s.
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Ex-NFLer: First impressions matter

9 hours 36 min ago
Advice can be a tricky thing.
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Huge Nicaragua canal: China wins?

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 23:25
When plans were announced to build a giant new transoceanic canal across Nicaragua, the young Hong Kong businessman leading the project acknowledged the widespread skepticism. "We don't want it to become an international joke," said Wang Jing, a 40-year-old with no significant engineering experience and a background he described as "very normal."
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