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Updated: 1 hour 56 min ago

Twister roars through Kokomo

2 hours 2 min ago
Three tornadoes touched down Wednesday afternoon in Indiana, causing damage in at least one city, according to the National Weather Service.
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Villagers dig by hand after Italy quake kills 159

2 hours 6 min ago
The 6.2-magnitude earthquake badly damaged villages in a mountainous rural area of central Italy, a popular vacation spot.
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Clinton blasts Trump's attacks on foundation

2 hours 10 min ago
Hillary Clinton sharply refuted Wednesday Donald Trump's attacks on the Clinton Foundation, which have included claims that she used public office for personal gain.
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5 taken to hospital after university attack

2 hours 20 min ago
A blast and gunshots have been heard at the American University of Afghanistan complex in Kabul, according to eyewitnesses. Fires are burning on the campus, said Tarek Mahjari, a reporter for Tolo News who reported the details in a phone interview with his employer. Ambulances, security forces and search and rescue teams are en route to the university. The blast occurred at 7:50 p.m. local, when students were gathering and eating together. Officials tell CNN that it is too early to comment.
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FARC-Colombia peace deal finalized

3 hours 5 min ago
Negotiators seeking to end the five decades old bloody insurgency in Colombia, one of the world's longest-running conflicts, said Wednesday in Havana that they had reached a final peace deal.
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Trump: I would let some undocumented immigrants stay

3 hours 28 min ago
Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that he would allow exceptions to let some undocumented immigrants to stay in the US, vowing he wouldn't grant them citizenship but telling Fox News, "there's no amnesty, but we work with them."
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Cher blasts Donald Trump

3 hours 46 min ago
Cher nukes Trump. Trump supporters bombard Cher. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the take down.
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North Korea missile test earns Kim Jong Un's praise

4 hours 45 min ago
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un considers Wednesday's test firing of a submarine-based ballistic missile the "greatest success and victory," the country's state-run news agency reported.
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Trump plans minority voter outreach

4 hours 54 min ago
Donald Trump's campaign is planning a concerted effort to reach out to minority voters and shed the perception by some that he is racist, part of a reset for his campaign sparked by bringing in new leadership.
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El Faro data recorder details crew's final moments

5 hours 11 min ago
Almost 26 hours of audio recordings have been recovered from the doomed El Faro cargo ship's data recorder, shedding light on the ship's final moments.
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Iranian vessels intercept US destroyer

5 hours 26 min ago
A US Navy official told CNN four Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps vessels conducted a "high-speed intercept" of the USS Nitze in waters near the Strait of Hormuz Tuesday, deeming the incident "unsafe and unprofessional."
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Polls: Tight in NC while Trump tops in Arizona

5 hours 52 min ago
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are neck and neck in North Carolina, a state solidifying its position as a perennial presidential election battleground, while Trump holds a 5-point lead in the traditionally GOP-tilting state of Arizona, according to new CNN/ORC battleground state polls.
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Sanders to discuss next moves for 'Revolution'

6 hours 29 min ago
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to fill in his supporters on his next moves Wednesday night during a livestream address to his supporters.
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Heroin laced with elephant tranquilizer hits the streets

6 hours 29 min ago
The American heroin epidemic has become more dangerous, as reports of heroin laced with carfentanil are being reported throughout the country.
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Congress' fight over EpiPens gets personal

6 hours 53 min ago
The incredible increase in the cost of EpiPens, auto-injectors that can stop life-threatening emergencies caused by allergic reactions, has hit home on Capitol Hill, where one Democratic senator whose daughter has allergies has called for action and another Democratic senator's daughter is CEO of the company responsible for the price hike.
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Archbishop Desmond Tutu hospitalized

7 hours 2 min ago
Archbishop Desmond Tutu admitted himself to a Cape Town hospital on Wednesday "for treatment to a recurring infection," according to a statement from his family.
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McCain tries to hold on in the Year of Trump

7 hours 6 min ago
Sen. John McCain is instantly recognizable to everyone in the foyer of the Swift Transportation office in Phoenix.
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How to help Italy earthquake victims

7 hours 21 min ago
A 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit Italy early Wednesday. Rescuers are still searching for victims, and relief groups are mobilizing.
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General in Bergdahl case rejects claims he can't be fair

7 hours 27 min ago
The Army general who oversaw the filing of charges against Bowe Bergdahl rejected on Wednesday defense claims that he can't be fair and called being impartial a "duty."
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