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Updated: 3 hours 28 min ago

Protesters block NBA arena over fatal Sacramento police shooting

4 hours 49 min ago
Protesters marched into City Hall in Sacramento, California, and onto an interstate highway Thursday as the mayor called for calm after police killed an unarmed black man they believed had a gun.
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Luxury cruise ship sliced in half

4 hours 54 min ago
Why build a bigger cruise ship when you can just cut one in half and add an extra 15 meters to the middle?
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Driver dies in fiery crash at air base

4 hours 58 min ago
An unauthorized vehicle drove onto Travis Air Force Base in Northern California, crashed and erupted into flames, killing the driver, authorities said.
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Sad in the spring? Allergy-mood link is real

5 hours 58 sec ago
You know spring has sprung when hundreds of people daily turn to Twitter to vent about their itchy eyes, dripping nose and uncontrollable sneezing and coughing.
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How to succeed at intermittent fasting

5 hours 17 min ago
"Intermittent fasting," a dieting approach that involves cycling between periods of eating and abstaining from food, has been trending in diet circles. This is in part because reports claim that celebrities such as Beyonce, Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck and Nicole Kidman are doing it but also because increasingly more research reveals that the eating pattern may promote weight loss and improve overall health.
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19 days of terror end with a bomber's final explosion

5 hours 30 min ago
For 19 days, exploding packages terrorized Austin residents as police frantically searched for the elusive bomber.
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Watch Anderson Cooper's full interview with Karen McDougal

5 hours 57 min ago
Former Playboy model Karen McDougal sits down with CNN's Anderson Cooper to discuss her alleged affair with President Donald Trump and her lawsuit against a company she says kept her original account from publication.
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Watch T. rex burst into flames at dino park

6 hours 2 min ago
An animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex at a dinosaur park in Colorado caught on fire due to electrical issues, according to the park.
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Bombings weren't labeled 'terrorism.' Here's why

6 hours 8 min ago
A man terrifies a city for weeks, detonating explosive devices that kill two people. Then, when cornered by police, he blows himself up with one of his bombs. The acts of a terrorist in some Middle Eastern nation? No, the acts of a "very challenged young man" in Texas.
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Opinion: John Bolton's mustache is more qualified than he is

6 hours 8 min ago
News outlets have reported that President Donald Trump has decided to replace his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster. Trump is supposedly waiting to announce the decision until he can find a good next posting for McMaster, who remains an active-duty Army general.
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Congress passes spending bill

6 hours 8 min ago
It's unclear whether the Senate can pass a $1.3-trillion spending package that will increase funding for the military and domestic spending and will keep the government funded through the end of September ahead of a shutdown deadline Friday night.
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Bolton hits 'munchkin' for leaks

6 hours 11 min ago
President Trump's incoming national security adviser, John Bolton, told Fox News that foreign leaders can't be open in conversation if "some munchkin in the Executive branch" is leaking talking points with the president.
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Bomber showed no remorse in confession video, lawmaker says

6 hours 16 min ago
The Austin bomber showed no remorse in a 25-minute "matter-of-fact" confession video that he recorded hours before he blew himself up, Texas Rep. Michael McCaul said.
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McConnell laughs off Corker's jab

8 hours 16 min ago
Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) demands an explanation from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) about the delayed bill vote.
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An ex-Playboy model told CNN she had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump. Next up is a '60 Minutes' interview with Stormy Daniels

8 hours 29 min ago
The question now is whether President Donald Trump can hold his tongue -- or his tweets -- amid a gathering storm of televised allegations and court gambits about his sexual conduct.
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Roseanne Barr and Kimmel talk Trump

8 hours 34 min ago
Roseanne Barr and John Goodman appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to discuss the reboot of the show "Roseanne" and Barr's decision to make her character a Trump supporter.
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McDougal on 'Access Hollywood' tape: 'Not the man that I knew'

9 hours 50 min ago
Karen McDougal said she had a 10-month affair with Donald Trump before he was President, and while "disgusted" by his comments that surfaced during the 2016 campaign about grabbing women's genitals, she said it was not the Trump she knew.
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McDougal on photo with Melania: I tried to keep my distance

10 hours 18 min ago
Former Playboy model Karen McDougal describes meeting Melania Trump in an exclusive interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.
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