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  • Jobs - not for outsourcing

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    Here are some jobs that cannot to be outsourced.

    Surgeon: It could be possible to send images over the net to get a diagnosis from a specialist but when it comes to actual surgery, one wish to be in the safe hands.

    Dentist: Obviously, this job cannot be outsourced.

    Fitness trainer: We need the trainer to help us.

    Teacher: Students can now learn their lessons from the internet but it cannot take away the necessity of classrooms and physical presence of teachers.

    Technicians: Certainly we need the person to do the repairing jobs until robots do that based on remote instructions.

    Plumber: This career depends fully on local workers.

    Taxi driver: Until the new technology arrives, we will depend on manually driven cars and the drivers.

    Chef: One can follow a recipe in the internet and try to cook something but without the touch of that expert hand one will not know the difference.