2013-2014 ALT positions

in ALT/English Teaching

We are looking for motivated, personable native English speakers with a passion for teaching English as a second language to fill ALT positions in elementary and junior high schools throughout Kanto.

While being professional and capable of teaching English in public schools is a core component of good ALTs, it is also important for our teachers to engage in constant communication with the students while introducing them to a culture different from Japan. Candidates should have fun, outgoing and friendly personalities! Experience teaching in Japan and Japanese ability are a plus!

Contracts will start from April 2013 and continue until March 2014, and there is the possibility to renew should both employee and employer have mutual agreement. The salary ranges from 190,000-240,000yen per working month. Applicants need to have a bachelor's degree, native English ability, and a proper working visa. We can assist with housing and visa sponsorship for qualified candidates that need it.

If you would like to apply for an ALT position, please send your resume and photo by email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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