AETs / ALTs for Japanese Public Schools

in ALT/English Teaching
Our company is looking for Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) to begin working in Japanese public schools from April of 2013, at the start of the new public school year. This position is best suited to someone who is cheerful, outgoing, inventive, proactive, energetic and most importantly, able to enjoy working with kids. The schools hope to be able to rely on the ALT to make English classes as fun for the students as possible, adding their own personality into the lessons and being a friendly, engaging person who encourages them to communicate. Applicants should have native-level English and basic or above level Japanese language abilities. Any prior teaching experience, certifications and the ability to drive a car would be preferred as well. For any applicant who does not currently have a valid visa to work in Japan, a Bachelor's level university degree is necessary for visa sponsorship. Salary, which generally ranges between ¥180,000 and ¥250,000, depends upon the location of the position, the requirements of the local school board and the ALT's working schedule. If you are interested, please send your resume and a recent photo of yourself to . Please understand however that we may only contact candidates who meet the above requirements and pass our initial screening process.
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