ALT positions available during late April and throughout May

in ALT/English Teaching
Heart English School is now recruiting AETs (Assistant English Teachers) for the new Japanese public school year, which begins in April 2013. As the start date is drawing nearer, we ask any applicants (especially those overseas) to consider that they would need to be able to attend our training session here in Mito, Ibaraki in 2-3 weeks, and would need to be ready to start working from the first of April. An AET's job involves providing real-world context for English classes in Japanese elementary schools and/or junior high schools. The students need a native speaker of the English language to show them how to pronounce words, have conversations and get them to enjoy using English. You also end up participating in lots of afterschool and extra-curricular events, and are often treated like a guest of honor whenever you do. It's a lot of fun and generally feels more like volunteer work, though the salary is generous for the amount of work involved, and it's definitely a great way to experience working in Japan, or even start a career here. If you have native-level English ability and a Bachelor's-level university degree or at least three years of ESL teaching experience, we can provide work visa sponsorship and assistance with housing. Salary, which generally ranges between ¥180,000 and ¥250,000 is determined by each locality's school board and thus, depends on the location. Please reply to this ad with your resume and a recent picture if you wish to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!
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