Assistant English Teacher (AET) needed in Bando, Ibaraki

in ALT/English Teaching

We are looking for possible candidates to fill a vacant ALT position in Bando city, Ibaraki. The school board has requested someone who is bright, enthusiastic and experienced in teaching English to elementary school children. An ideal candidate for this position would also be a native English speaker, and would have at least a simple conversational level of Japanese language ability.

This position would cover three elementary schools, so any applicant should also have the ability to drive a car (our company can provide a very inexpensive rental car for commuting, if necessary.) This is a short-term contract, however the opportunity to continue with our company from the next year would be available, as well as visa sponsorship for a candidate in possession of a university degree.

The salary for this position is between ¥190,000 and ¥215,000 per month depending on starting date. If you are interested, please send your resume and a recent photo to

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