Chinese native high school ALT in Kanagawa / 中文和英文的助理老师

in ALT/English Teaching
We are seeking candidates who would be able to work as assistant Chinese (Mandarin) and English teachers in Kanagawa public high schools. Candidates should have qualifications allowing a proper visa allowing work in Japan (as we can sponsor a work visa if needed), have native Mandarin Chinese ability, near-native English ability, and be available on weekdays. Each day would involve being at the school for either 2 or 4 class periods in the morning through early afternoon. Not all class periods are teaching, as some are for preparation. Regardless if teaching or preparing, assistant langauge teachers (ALT) are paid 2500 yen for each 50 minute class period. The rate already includes the highest possible transportation allowance. The schedule for this position is at high schools in: Monday: Ayase city, English, 4 classes (10,000 yen) Tuesday: Yokohama city, Chinese, 4 classes (10,000 yen) Wednesday: Ayase city, English, 4 classes (10,000 yen) Thursday: Yokohama city, Chinese, 2 classes (5,000 yen) Friday: Atsugi city, English, 4 classes (10,000 yen) Work is on most weekdays other than during school holiday periods, and available through March. Continuing in the next school year is possible if all parties are interested. If interested, please send a resume by e-mail. Please understand that we can only respond to candidates who pass initial screening. 我们在为神奈川的公立高中募集能说中文和英文的助理老师(ALT)。 应聘者的母语需为中文,英文流利,持有效工作签证 ,(视情况我们可提供签证)。 在每个工作日, 从早到晚学校将会有两到四节授课和备课时间。我们提供每个课时数的报酬。每50分钟的课时是2500日元,我们不负担任何交通费。 现有职位的详细介绍如下 周一 綾瀬市、英文授课,4个课时,薪水10000日元 周二 横浜市、中文授课,4个课时,薪水10000日元 周三 綾瀬市、 英文授课,4个课时,薪水10000日元 周四 横浜市、 中文授课,2个课时,薪水5000日元 周五 厚木市、英文授课,4个课时,薪水10000日元 学校假期没有授课,合同在明年3月到期,在甲乙双方都满意的情况下可续签。 如果有兴趣请发简历到我们的邮箱,符合条件的候选人我们会及时和您联系。
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