Confident, Creative, Experienced teacher looking for a teaching post in Japan, in 2014

in ALT/English Teaching
Hi there, my name's Ryan and I would love to teach English at your school. I have well over three years of experience teaching English in Taiwan, and am loved by all of my students and co teachers alike. I am very creative and often help in the production of media for my school for events such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter, as well as the creation of worksheets when needed. As stated above, I am loved by my co-staff and students who consider me as a cool, friendly person and teacher who is in possession of a clear, articulate, easy to listen to voice. If treated well at my school, I am a person who goes above and beyond what needs to be done. I teach students and have taught students from Kindergarten up to Adult level so I am very flexible in terms of who I can teach. I am currently teaching at a Shane School in Xinfong Taiwan after being invited by the school manager to return to teach at the same school again. I am in possession of both a TEFL Certificate and a Bachelor's Degree in Education, thus I am a qualified teacher. I await your response Best Regards Ryan
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