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Eikaiwa 360 is a "for profit, giving business" offering high quality, customized, and reasonably priced, “one to one” language lessons through a network of systemized community, Language Studios. Our Vision is to offer “More Life” to our clients, Language Studio partners and Language studio owners through Language + Community and the less fortunate through Vision Care and Microfinance. Our "Eikaiwa 360 More Life program" provides support for the less fortunate in developing countries in Southeast Asia. Each time a client joins or renews at one of our Language Studios we provide someone in need with vision care or a microloan. We hope you can support expanding our More Life Program all over Japan! We generally have three positions available: Language Studio Manager: A fun, challenging and rewarding position. Learn to successfully run a profitable Language Studio Location while supporting the less fortunate in developing countries. On-target income of 280,000 to 390,000 per month Working Holiday Instructors: Visa support, a flexible schedule and a guaranteed salary allow you to travel throughout Japan or learn Japanese while gaining real work experience in a “for profit, social business.” From 210,000 ~ LS Partnership training Program Own your own profitable Language Studio! Our Partnership Training program leads to More Life through LS ownership. On-target income of 500,000 to 750,000 or more per month. No experience is required. Recent graduates, English Native Speakers and Japanese Natives speakers are all welcome to apply. If the idea of “More Life” and working with a “for profit, social business” interests you please apply for our partnership training program application by filling in the form from the link. http://goo.gl/iPP99g
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