English Speakers and Teachers Wanted!

in ALT/English Teaching
We are looking for English teachers to pre-sign up for Lingo Lane. Lingo Lane is a revolutionary platform built to seamlessly link Japanese with English speakers and teachers through simple online booking, payment, and reviews. You can sign up at http://lingolane.com/ Some of the key benefits of this platform are below: Earn reviews Lingo Lane reviews help you build a real reputation. For every class you teach, your students can write reviews about you so that other students can get a better picture of you. Positive reviews increase your credibility, lead to more students, and justify higher hourly rates. Get a visa One of the ways to get a visa in Japan is through a self-sponsored visa. A criterion for this is to have verifiable evidence that you are making enough to support yourself every month. By having students book you through Lingo Lane, your income is tracked, and we can provide you with official documentation to verify your income. You can learn more about getting your visa here. Manage your schedule You are the boss. Lingo Lane let's you easily manage your availability & appointments. Students can propose times to you, but ultimately you have the power to choose when and who you work with. Easy payment No awkward in-person requests to get compensated. Everything is booked seamlessly through our system, so you can focus on the more important things. Sign-up at our link below and be one of the first bookings when we launch. http://lingolane.com/
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