English teacher (Tokyo/Ebisu)

in ALT/English Teaching
We are looking to hire an experienced native English instructor in order to create an English department in our school. This would be a part time position at first but as soon as everything get really started and growing we would like the candidate to be willing to move to a full time position. That is the reason why we are looking for someone ambitious, aiming to take responsibilities as an English department manager and also interested in making this project grow and expand. If you fit the following requirements, please send us your resume and picture via email. We are looking forward to considering your application. - -Over two years of teaching experience. - -Must be a native speaker of English (or Japanese with a native level). - -Have a valid working visa or permission to work in Japan. - -Must currently reside in Japan. - -Motivated, hard worker and must have a good contact with students. - -Must be able to explain English grammar in Japanese. - -Be a moral person. -- Be interested in a full time position. Only selected applicants will be contacted.
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