Full-time Native English Teacher

in ALT/English Teaching
Step by Step ~ English for Life is looking for an energetic, outgoing, and experienced English instructor to teach child and adult conversation classes (Mitoyo/Takamatsu, Kagawa). One-year renewable contract starting in April 2016. Must currently reside in Japan and hold a valid working visa. Must be a native English speaker with a university degree and have experience teaching children and adults in Japan. We have an original song-based curriculum for kids, so it’s a huge plus if you enjoy singing with kids. Applicants with Japanese language ability, a Japanese driver’s license, and an interest in active participation in local community events (art, sports, music, etc.) are also preferred. Long-term career options available for teachers with outstanding motivation and performance. Classes range from 30 to 60 minutes each. 40-hour week typically includes afternoons/evenings from Tue. to Fri., and mornings/afternoons on Saturdays, with a maximum of 28 teaching/class hours per week. Sundays and Mondays off. Position includes attendance at three annual school parties (Easter, Halloween, and Christmas) held on Sundays. Opportunities to join various local events throughout the year are also available. Salary of 250,000 yen/month with a training/evaluation period during the first three months. Yearly contract completion bonus. 18 paid holidays per year. Assistance finding accommodation is also available. Apply via e-mail to hiring@sbs-english.com with CV/resume, letter of introduction (stating visa status and expiration), teaching certification(s), availability, and a photo.
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