Help "my friend" evade Japanese Pension Payments!!

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Here is the deal... "My Friend" has lived here for a few years and is currently under a spousal visa. She works full time and has health insurance through a foreign run company. 
As of now she has never paid to the "Japanese Pension system" that became mandatory sometime within the last year. 
In 3 years she will change to a "permanent resident visa". 
When she does this she will start paying pension. However she does not want to have to pay for the years she did not pay. 
She has heard that you must pay for the years you have missed when you start paying pension. 

What can she do to avoid this backpayment???!?!??

Can she get out of it somehow? I mean the pension plan is garbage anyhow right.. 



Yo!! You have got a good


You have got a good question there.. Couldnt you just exit the country and enter on a new visa?!?!?! Then all of your previous history/alien card stuff would be lost in the rubble??!?!?!

I dont know.. Any lawyers out there?!!!

that does not seem to be a

that does not seem to be a good option in this case as she is trying to get a permanent visa in three years. i am not sure but someone suggested to buy a house and save taxes while paying mortgages.

Hmmm.. Well to be honest she


Well to be honest she is super cheap.. And the idea of having to buy a house to avoid the backpayments doesn't quite equate with her..

She suggested the possibility of leaving the country and returning on a new fresh spousal visa.. If she did this would she avoid the backpayments? Would she be able to start out fresh and not have to pay the years of pension that she "owes"?

In that case your original

In that case your original suggestion sounds better. Perhaps, she might have difficulty in applying for permanent visa once she takes a fresh visa to enter Japan.

Hmmm... I see. She is now


I see.

She is now wondering what are the "perks" of a permanent residence visa.
What extra freedom will she get from a permanent residence visa that she does not already have with a spousal visa?