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Asking "How are you?!" or anything personal in the job place here in Japan is.. well.. odd.. Of course each business place is different. But if you walk up to your Japanese associate and ask "genki?" don't be surprised if they look confused or take a while to answer.. the common answer is "chotto".. meaning "uhhhh" or "not so good".. This doesn't mean you should break your usual habits of greeting people with "How are you?".. but just be prepared for the response.. They will get used to it if you ask everyday!! smile, be yourself and noooo worries!!


On the train, Don't stand next to the "respectable looking but sleepy/swaying" business man . This may be hard to do, especially on a night train.. BUT keep an eye out!! There may be more than sleepiness to that sway.. I have personally dodged pee puddles and vomit.. Eeewww... not nice ways to end a day..


The word "unique" in Japanese has a negative meaning... So if you are commenting on a Japanese friends, or co-workers, "uniqueness" be sure to communicate that this is a good thing!!!! Well as long as it ment to be a good common sense.


So I wanted to get a sandwich

So I wanted to get a sandwich for a coffee shop for breakfast this morning.
A simple sandwich. Nothing special. I asked to get it "to go".
No problem.

My simple sandwich was first placed inside of a small plastic bag. Then was wrapped in a layer of paper with an elastic around it. It was then put into another plastic bag which was finally put into a fancy paper bag.


Anyway just be warned.. your item will come within a bag of another bag potentially wrapped in a bow!

If you are working in or

If you are working in or around Tokyo you will enjoy "organized kaos". Even with millions of people
bustling about you will see people lining up politely for the next train. As tough as the fast paced life can be it is also beautiful if you take a step back and watch.

Keep in mind that when communicating it is best to be as direct/polite as possible. It may be confusing trying to figure out what your co-workers are trying to get at but that doesn't mean you have to dance the same dance. If you do not understand what they are asking politely ask them to clarify. Remember that the best way to get things done is honestly and respectfully.

Do your best!!

Also if you can somehow watch

Also if you can somehow watch the cars sales happening at American Military bases you may be able to find a great deal!

These men get shipped out suddenly and want to sell their cars. If you don't know anyone connected to the bases maybe try some used car dealerships nearby.

Hmmm..Good question.If you


Good question.

If you feel a car would help you out then I heard you can get a decent used car for about 200 000yen. On top of that you need to consider gas prices and most of all parking fees!
The average monthly fee for just parking your car, in a small town, is 10 000yen. If you live in a big city like Tokyo it will be closer to 50 000yen.


Is it very difficult to get

Is it very difficult to get onto the trains in Tokyo/Yokohama during morning hours. I have heard of crowded trains, never have a chance to get on to one though. I am worried if I can adjust to the crowded trains when I am there, which will be pretty soon.

Are used cars expensive? Can one afford a car to drive to work?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the morning rush?
Like a cow being led out to pasture?
Like everyone around you may lose their mind if they don't make the next train?

Join the flow or step aside?

It is your choice. If the morning rush is too much just take a second.. breath.. step aside.. and go at your own pace. As long as you respect your own space and the people around you hopefully things will go smoothly.

Don't get caught up if it isn't where you want to be.

My pace = MY pace

I am back.Yesterday I had a

I am back.

Yesterday I had a well "not so amazing day".

What really pushed my buttons was I had 3 doors slammed in my face. I mean I was literally just about to enter a door behind the person in front of me and "SLAM".

Beware. Holding the door open for the next person behind or in front is not always going to happen here.

Be warned and don't let something as trivial as this push you over the edge as it did me.

I have been in Japan for more

I have been in Japan for more than 10 years. In the beginning, it was rare for me to find people arguing on the streets and even in the bars/pubs/ijakayas. However, I find such things in trains, streets and many common places. It is a sad thing to see such a transformation in the attitude of people. I hope this is a temporary phase.

Summer Festivals!!

These can be good times... However waitin for hours for a train after a long day of festivities aint!! To avoid the mass amounts of people fighting for a ticket and then piling up on the platforms to go home you MUST prepurchase your return home ticket. If you have PASMO or any of those other quickie cards then no problem. But if you will be purchasing your train/subway ticket the old fashioned way be sure to purchase your return ticket when you ARRIVE at your festivals destination. Also it can't hurt to pack things up and leave just before you feel like the crowd is wrapping thing up. I am sure you can see the fireworks finale from the platform, right?! Have a rockin' summer everyone!!!

Oh.. and those innocent

Oh.. and those innocent little old ladies can deliver quite a nice jab to the ribs when necessary.. dont mess with them.. especially the ones with a glint in their eyes!!

While enjoyin a good night DO

While enjoyin a good night DO keep an eye on the clock.. Last train in crucial!!! Taxi's are super expensive!! However if you do find yourself in this position you have some cheapy options! 1. Go to an all night karaoke (you can often find a 11pm-6am deal for about 1-200yen.. ) you can turn the music down and sleep on the little couch. 2. Go to a Family Restaurant (Denny's, Jonathans, Gusto, etc).. You can get something cheap or order the drink bar then spend the whole night there! Loitering is legal here!! ohhh yaaa!! 3. Go to an internet cafe and get a video-watchin both.. they have little couches you can somewhat curl up on.. got any more ideas for the topic post here!!

Certainly a point to note.

Certainly a point to note. Only a few days in to these busy trains and had some ugly experiences.

What a day to start with?

What a day to start with? Certainly a point to note for Friday nights and Saturday mornings.