Kids English Teacher Position (Inage,Chiba)

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Our school is one of the most popular private English schools for children in Chiba with over 600 students in a single location. We are currently offering both full time and part time positions to experienced teachers with a passion for working with young kids.

Our students are typically aged between 3 to 12, with special classes for babies accompanied by a parent, as well as more advanced courses for older kids studying for entrance exams and Eiken.

All classes are structured according to an annual curriculum with corresponding textbooks, and new instructors will be provided with adequate training on the school's teaching methods and materials. We also encourage instructors to incorporate their own individuality and methods to the lessons.

1. Must be a native of U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand or other country where English is the official language.
2. Must speak English as first language.
3. Currently residing in Japan.
4. Willing to commute to Inage, Chiba prefecture
5. Working/Specialist in Humanities/Spousal or other equivalent visa.
6. 1 or more years' experience working with children.
7. Japanese bank account required.

Preferred skills and qualities
1. Fun, friendly personality and a love of working with kids.
2. Comfortable using a computer.
3. TESOL, TEFL or other relevant qualifications.
4. Experience teaching in Japan.
5. Basic Japanese language skills.

Working Hours
Full Time: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week
Part Time: 4-8 hours per day/2 or more days per week depending on your schedule

Full Time: 240,000-265,000 yen/month
Part Time: 1,700-2,500 yen/hour
(Salary depends on experience and skill. TESOL, TEFL and other relevant qualifications will also be taken into consideration.)


How to apply
Please send English resume with recent photograph to
*Please note: You must be able to take an interview at the school in Inage, Chiba to qualify.

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