Kindergarten English / Reading Teacher

in ALT/English Teaching
I am seeking teaching position in Tokyo or Osaka area. I had experienced teaching from preschool to elementary level (age group: 2 years old to 12 years old). I have been in the field of education for 10 years. I had experienced in supervisory position; oversee the whole operation of the school, modified the school curriculum, mentoring and evaluating the teachers and staff performance. With my vast experience in education and my academic background support my candidacy for the position available in your school. I am willing to be trained to fully understand and perform my duty in your school. I can create and design program suited for Early Childhood Education that is Developmentally Appropriate. I have Background in different Curriculum Development, such as Montessori Approach, Play-Based approach, Theme-Based Approach, Traditional, Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Eclectic. I am fast learner, punctual, responsible, I can work under pressure with less supervision, I can do multi-tasking, flexible and can easily adapt to a new environment, and I like to be challenged by difficult work load. With my working attitude I believe I can make a good contribution in your school. I would very much like an opportunity to discuss any of my overall abilities. I am ready to commence for work any time.
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