A Kindergarten in Sapporo, Japan wants a native English teacher

in ALT/English Teaching
Olive Kindergaten in Sapporo, Japan is looking for a native English teacher who can teach the students regularly. Our condition is as follows. 1.Language: English 2.Lesson type: group (we have 11 students 2-6years old). 3.Lesson contents: conversation 4.Lesson frequency:2-4 times a week 5.Lesson length :60min lesson 6.Lesson place: Olive Kindergarten Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Japan 7.Nearest station of the lesson place:Fukuzumi station on Toho line or Nango Juhatchome station on Tozai line 8.Our time table for English class: Mon:1class in the afternoon Tue: 1class in the afternoon Wed: 1class in the morning Thu: 1class in the morning Fri: 1 class in the morning Please contact us for detailed information.
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