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After a year of working as an online English tutor for Japanese, and a year working as a customer representative for Australian based company, I am seeking to leverage my acquired skills and knowledge in an English tutoring profession. For this reason, I am currently looking for a company that is seeking for English instructors, and would very much like to be considered as a strong candidate. Ideally, a tutoring/ teaching position specifically English will give me the opportunity to utilize the skills that I have gained during the years that I have worked as online English tutor and a customer service representative. As an English tutor, I have experienced teaching Japanese of all ages so I am confident that I can easily adjust if I will be required to teach a student from any age. I have conducted my tutorials online via Skype with video so that I can establish connection to my student. I taught basic to intermediate level of grammar, vocabulary, reading & comprehension using different methods like using manuals provided by company, reading articles from the internet, conducting question and answer sessions, and doing free conversation with the student. As a customer service representative, I have developed my interpersonal skills which helped me a lot in dealing with different kind of people. I learned to become more patient, and most importantly I learned to care for my customers. I believe that with care, you can deliver excellent customer service so as with tutoring, if you care about your student definitely you can help him/her learn in a great way. Much of my experience is transferable, specifically in the areas of teaching and customer service support; however, I look forward in maximizing my following qualifications:  -effective communication, pragmatism, and practicality to turn a concept into reality  -excellent interpersonal skills  -a professional approach and ability to work to an ethical code of conduct  -the ability to use specialist knowledge creatively and innovatively to solve problems  -good team-working, project and time management For your convenience, I have attached my resume for your review. I believe my skills, strong work ethic, and professional demeanor are in line with the qualifications you are seeking. I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to your company. I look forward to the opportunity to interview with you soon.
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