Movin?! Looking for cheap shipping?

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I just came across this in my mail.. Maybe it could be a service to those moving from Japan or wanting to ship big stuff..

I havn't used their services myself so if you have any feedback let me know.. 
Good service? 
Cheaper ways? 

Have a good one all!!!



Hi, thanks for the

Hi, thanks for the information, nut I had inquired about this shipping company, it is quite expensive. I would like to send many stuffs by ship, please let me know if you know any cheaper shipping company Have a nice day.

Hmmm.. I thought this


I thought this company was supposed to be a good deal.

Is it cheaper than using the usual ship mailing system at the post office?

That is disappointing to hear it is expensive.

Other than that site all I know is that it is cheapest to send mail from an American Military Base. This is not possible for most of us.


I think postal shipping is

I think postal shipping is the cheapest.But they don't allow electronics, also it is limited to 20 k.g. and size should be 1.5 meter