Multi-lingual Australian with more than 10 years teaching/managing/training experience.

in ALT/English Teaching
[] I am a talented multi-linguist with experiences in teaching all age groups especially the very young learners. I am very interested to show you what I can do in terms of bringing lessons to life in class using computers and games. I am the person you are looking for! I have had extensive practical experience in educational planning and teaching. I am known for my classroom personality. I would be very happy to share videos upon request. I am known for my ability to get the student’s attention and making classes a little livelier. I am also a keen a believer in that there is no limit to one's learning and improvement. In all the years that I have been in working in Japan, I have often been accredited for my creativity and my drive in my own continuous professional development. Please feel free to contact me on 080 3570 2607 or by e-mail at your earliest convenience so that we may discuss further how I will benefit your establishment. I assure you that any extra effort on your part will be VERY well worth it.
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