Native English Speaker from the US with BA in English Looking for position in Fall 2014

in ALT/English Teaching
I am a native speaker of English, with strong skills in writing and communication. I am ready and willing to learn more about Japanese culture and language as I utilize my skill in English to instruct others, and make my home in Japan. I will be coming to Japan in the fall of 2014 and am seeking a full time position teaching English. I am inspired by other's desire to learn, am well organized, and reliable always showing up on time or early for work and completing all tasks before leaving. I am also interested in literature, webdesign, and creative writing. I am hoping to jump start my career with a community experience teaching and learning from others. I will be happy to provide a Curriculum Vitae or Resume, photo, references, and any other desired information for your review. I can be contacted at Thank you for your consideration.
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