Post Nova - Are there supper NOVAs on the offing

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The NOVA story was scary and painful for many. I wonder if that is the end of the story. It seems many of the education boards are now thinking to formally introduce English in classes. What that means is that most of the teacher hiring will be formalized and will be done through the education boards. This is basically done to standardize the system and to encourage fair practices. Though these are some stories revolving around we have little information to substantiate those stories. So, I keep wondering.....   



Hmmm.. Personally I would

Hmmm.. Personally I would love it if the city I am currently working for would hire me directly. I am now working in japanese public schools but am employed through a "middle man" company. This "middle man" provides me with no services other than very crappy pay... I think I would get more respect as a teacher and a contract that would support my long-term stay in Japan if I were to be employed directly by the city.

On the other hand.. If a lot of these "middle-man" companies get the boot like nova (which is possible since many of them push their legal limits) then there will be lots and lots of peeps scramblin on the streets as the NOVA employees once did..

How do I improve my future? How do WE improve our working conditions???

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