Recent American graduate looking for ALT/English Teaching position in Japan

in ALT/English Teaching
I am a 22 year old, female, recent graduate of Portland State University with a B.A. in Japanese Language. By majoring in Japanese I hope to be able to live and learn more about the Japanese culture while living in the country and interacting and creating connections with local people. I have had previous experience volunteering as a teacher’s aide at the local Portland International School helping assist with the Pre-Kindergarten Japanese class. As a volunteer my duties would consist of filing papers, cleaning, art material preparations, as well as interaction with the students during free time and disciplining whenever necessary. As an English teacher I hope to help Japanese students in their understanding of the English language so that they will be able engage in conversations with native English speakers and learn about American culture in order to improve relations between Japan and the United States.  I presently hold an active passport and can be ready to move to Japan with proper notice. Also, I am available for a Skype interview at any time.
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