Season Of Rain

13 Jun

It is mid-June, the time where spring has come to an end and summer is being approached. But before summer arrives in Japan, it provides the country with continuous rain which is why this period of time at the moment is rainy season. Rainy season is called “Tsuyu” in Japanese language which when translated means “plum rain”.It is called so because the rainy season occurs right at the time when plum ripening occurs.

Scientifically speaking the rainy season occurs because of the collision between cold northern and warm southern air masses which is why bad weather is witnessed in Japan for a couple of weeks. Most the rainy seasons begin here in mid-June and end around mid-July. The Okinawa island gets affected the most and Hokkaido the least.

 Strong recommendation to visitors and travelers, avoid visiting Japan in this rainy season. This is because a lot of outdoor attractions around the city would be closed due to continuous rain and thus interesting outdoor trip may have to be cancelled. But at the same time if you decide to come here in this season then you are not in a loss, because there are places like temple, mountain, garden, and hot springs that can be very different and attractive during rainy season.

Enjoy traveling this rainy season but make sure you’re careful!