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Hello! I am from Alaska in the United States, a native speaker of English, looking for a position as an English instructor in or near Kanazawa. I have approximately 18 months of experience teaching all ages from kindergarten through 12th grade and 5 months (one semester) experience teaching a University lab course in the United States. I have a four year degree in zoology from Auburn University, but do not have a TEFL. I have experience as a fishery biologist and have taken several classes that are pre-requisites for medical degrees, so I am especially qualified to teach English to people who are in the scientific or medical fields. I can be in Japan, ready to work, in early December 2012, but do not have a visa and would require sponsorship. I enjoy teaching and when I spent 2 months in Japan earlier this year I fell a bit in love with the culture and the country. The possibility of teaching English in Japan is very exciting to me! I am studying Japanese, but am still at the beginner level. If hired I will work hard to increase my fluency and to be an asset to your organization in any way possible. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you! Elizabeth Smith
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