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Hello, I am looking for a full time teaching position in Japan. I began teaching in 2005 with students who came to the US from Japan. Over the years I continued teaching in the US, Japan, Korea and China. Now I would like to return to Japan, where I enjoyed living and teaching the most. My experience ranges from public and private high schools, on site corporate instruction with Samsung, to private in home lessons with young learners.

I have developed individual programs for my students and enjoy learning about and using established curriculums. My Japanese is at a conversational level after not using it for more than 4 years, but I should be able to quickly return to my previous speaking level when I worked as a part-time translator. I’m currently working at a high school in China and would be available after my contract ends in January 2013. I have all my documents in order and am willing to send copies of anything, or answer any questions over phone, email, or Skype. Thank you again for your consideration, Michael Gifford phone: +86 132 4371 8265 email: giffordmp@yahoo.com Skype: giffordmp

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