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I am new here, and I hope some one would help me out.

I've got a question in regards to starting up a business in Japan. 
I'm interested in starting my own English school in kanagawa. I have my own set of private students and the number has been growing. So I've decided that I would like to rent a medium sized office and establish the place as my own English School. 

My question is on the administrative issue. I know that I would need to register the company in order to start legally. I have asked around, and some people suggested that I try out the business and after 3 months, if its succesful, then only register it. Is this OK? Also I am not a native speaker so will it be a problem to register a Ekaiwa school.

This English school would be managed by myself and my friend. I dont know if this has any relation, but both my friend and I work as an ALT for a company. Should that make as a legal business entity and would not require any registration?


Hello! There seems to be a

There seems to be a lot of legal issues and accounting things I do not understand. However I am wondering what kind of English school you would like? Seems to me that there are already sooo many! It seems hard to start yet another one.
Have you considered setting up an after school "day care" service for elementary school students?

Hmmm... If I hear about the legal stuff and such I will let you know!


Yoy may try the franchise

Yoy may try the franchise from Smiths School.