Along came the beez!

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Sooo... I would like to share a random event.

The other day I was relaxing in my tiny apartment. Suddenly a queen wasp entered my room from the small opening I left in my sliding door. 
She was literally the size of my ring finger. 

Noisy neighbour

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I am new to Japan. I just rented an apartment in Shin-kiba. With in a few days of my stay in this new apartment, I am annoyed by loud musics played by my neighbor in the middle of the night. I tried to convey my annoyance by hitting the wall when the music was stopped. But it is back again. What should I do?

What are your issues?

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To be honest I am often on my forgein friends side. However, there really does seem to be a lot of whining and no action amongst lots of the forgeiners I meet. I am not saying you all are whiners but please!!! Is life that hard? 
What issues do you have that really can not be solved? Do you want someone to come and hold your hand and make your life what you expect? 

Post Nova - Are there supper NOVAs on the offing

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The NOVA story was scary and painful for many. I wonder if that is the end of the story. It seems many of the education boards are now thinking to formally introduce English in classes. What that means is that most of the teacher hiring will be formalized and will be done through the education boards. This is basically done to standardize the system and to encourage fair practices. Though these are some stories revolving around we have little information to substantiate those stories. So, I keep wondering.....   


Insights, bloops, and blunders.. Aussie in Bangkok

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Wow I'm sitting on my bed in my penthouse (Huh! Top floorhas to be penthouse)apartment connected to the net!Not me, my computer.My little radio is presenting the news in English read by two people with unpronouncible names, slightly American accents and strange pronunciation. I've just had my fill of Mangosteens - sweet and juicyand less than a dollar for a kilo. The little old ladywith the fruit stall beamed and added a couple.

My hotwater shower is now working and the huge airconditioner is pumping out cool air, but unfortunately not enough to smother the drain smells oozing upthrough the bathroom floor. My brain refuses to adjust to the time change. It'sonly three hours but it means I fall asleep at 8pm andwake at 3.30am. Everything at school is as was. My favourite foodstall lady is still there and asked me (in Thai)"Where have you been?".