My first day

in Job

Twas my first day of work at my first job in Japan. Beaming with anticipation and confidence I exited the train station into the city that was to become my second home. Mission: Find the office. This should have been easy considering I was looking for one of the largest "fast food" English school chains in the country. It wasn't. I have a tendency to turn left when I know I should be turning right.

30 minutes later and incredibly lost and confused I decided to ask for help. At the time my Japanese speaking ability was virtually non-existent so I figured I could show someone the map and they could point me in the right direction. I spotted a respectable/kind looking middle-aged woman and zoned in on my target. With my little map held out and my best "lost puppy" face I approached and said "sumimasen" (one of the few words I knew at the time).... What happened next still stumps me to this day.

Save and Save

in Living


To all of you that are new to Japan and are starting off at a new "teaching job":

Watch your spendage all!!!

Japan is super fun and it is soooo easy to buck (or yen) away your cash just partying up!