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The history of Kabuki began in 1603 when Okuni of Izumo began performing dance drama on the dry riverbeds of Kyoto. Female performers played both men and women in comic play mimicking ordinary life. Kabuki theater is known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-ups.


This new style of drama was instantly popular and Okuni was even asked to perform before the Imperial Court. During 1670-1840, kabuki thrived. The structure of a kabuki play was formalized during this period, as were many elements of stylization. Conventional character types were also determined.

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Jobs - not for outsourcing

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Here are some jobs that cannot to be outsourced.

Surgeon: It could be possible to send images over the net to get a diagnosis from a specialist but when it comes to actual surgery, one wish to be in the safe hands.

Dentist: Obviously, this job cannot be outsourced.

Fitness trainer: We need the trainer to help us.

Teacher: Students can now learn their lessons from the internet but it cannot take away the necessity of classrooms and physical presence of teachers.

Technicians: Certainly we need the person to do the repairing jobs until robots do that based on remote instructions.

Plumber: This career depends fully on local workers.

Taxi driver: Until the new technology arrives, we will depend on manually driven cars and the drivers.

Chef: One can follow a recipe in the internet and try to cook something but without the touch of that expert hand one will not know the difference.



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Crashing Market, Declining Jobs.......

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Barely a decade ago had the output of US economy and the skills of the workforce led the world. It's hard to believe that it is in the verge of a collapse now. Moreover, the economy of much of the world is in a decisive downward slide which the financiers of US cannot stop because the systems they operate are the primary cause. The problems aren't confined to the U.S. Unemployment is increasing worldwide. The only way to explain the situation today is to understand the interconnections between the currency, commodity and equity markets.