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Dress to Win

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Wearing the right kind of dress is an important part of job interviews. Remember that your dress will announce your personality the moment you enter the interview room. That first minute impression can either break or make your prospect to win the job. Particularly in Japan a formal suit is a must for most type of interviews as the helping hands in supermarkets are sometimes seen wearing good looking suits here. After all, it is this philosophy that is the reason businesses like Aoki and like suit specialists exist. Although qualifications and experience are still vital, employers may be right to consider professional appearance when hiring employees.

Research studies indicate that people are more productive when they are dressed professionally. Please remember that the way you dress reflects not just you, but your company as well. Often project leaders select people based on the appearance to accompany them to client meetings.

However, one should dress for the position interviewed for. Every professional man or woman needs at least one traditional, well-tailored suit in a classic color. Women who choose a skirt suit should also have a pair of pants as a coordinating piece. Button-down shirts: Classic white is a must because it looks good with anything, but buy a few in different colors that match your suit. Shoes: Women should invest in black leather pumps and walking shoes, men should have at least one pair of black leather shoes and a black leather belt to wear with them. Accessories: Women should accessorize with a few pieces of jewelry and a good leather tote bag, and men should wear a watch and have either a black or brown leather wallet.

For other jobs, which basically involves physical job a pair of jean and good shirt should be fine. In most instances such workers get their dresses from company in Japan.