Onsen for Cancer Cure

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Cancer is the leading cause of deaths in Japan after heart attacks. The modern life style and increasing reliance on processed foods are believed to be the cause of growing number of cancer patients world wide. It is thought that  the number of patients suffering from this disease might surpass all other forms of diseases soon. While medical science has made tremendous progresses in detecting and treating the disease it has not come to a stage to completely eradicate it. So, it is natural that the patients seek alternative methods to get relief and cure from this deadly disease. 


Tamagawa Onsen in Akita Prefecture offers one such hopes to 

Japan’s large population of cancer patients.

For many years from that onsen area people were taking with them rocks, which are slightly radioactive. While there is strictly no medical evidence of cure, those rocks  were sold in exorbitant prices. Now, it is forbidden to take out any rock of Tamagawa Onsen.  

Komachi shinkansen from Tokyo station can be take to Tazawako station in Akita and then a bus ride to the onsen.

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