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The best job market in the world are not in  Europe. It is in Asia and South America. Singapore, Peru, India.are among  top 10 job markets in the world.

The world's 10 hottest job markets: Forbes

What are the best paid jobs in America? Most might think it is the IT profession in silicon valley. However, it is the medical profession that dominates the top end of Forbes's list of the 25 best paying jobs in America. And top jobs are not taken by surgeons. Anesthesiologists have flipped places with surgeons to take the top spot, but the next eight places are secured by specialist practitioners. Chief executives, at No. 10, and airline pilots, at No. 14, are the only two non-medical occupations in the top 15. Even lawyers don't make it. They're No. 16.

Forbes list of top US jobs

The top jobs in India are of-course in the hands of techies and IT managers
. No wonder! The salary is rising and is expected to rise between 5-15% a year. Increasing demands for talented IT professionals had made HR managers ever so hectic.