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In a competitive job market jobs seekers often resort to unique and sometimes unconventional ways to get the attention of a reputed employer. However, most of the times such gimmicks backfire. So, it is wise not to try something which can backfire on your job prospect. The best thing you can do is to spend sometime in preparing a good but compact resume. Your employer might be spending less than a minute to look at your resume. And if he cannot find necessary keywords in your resume, it goes to trash. Spend time to highlight necessary keywords in your resume rather than spending time to decorate the resume with slick templates.

What you should do and don't to get the attention?


1. Email or include in your resume jokes and goofy photos.
2. Resend your resume to recruiters - that shows your weakness.
3. Try to bribe either in cash, gifts or in kind.
4. Use gimmicks.


1. Stick to your plan that you could master after researching a bit about your employer.
2. Research recruiters' personal interests to identify ways to grab their attention by using resources such as their website.
3. Look for clues in job descriptions that indicate whether a position calls for creative types with terms such as "cutting edge" or "fresh."
4. Consider sending recruiters a card for a nondenominational holiday such as New Year's to remind them about your interest.

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